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Clark Construction, Foundation Repair

Established in 1986
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Hi, I am Mark Clark, I started Clark Construction Foundation Repair in 1986.  When we started we did every thing from the foundation to the roof.  Now we mostly do foundation repair we still do additions, kitchens, bathrooms and finish basements into living space and even mold removal and termite damage repair.  

We treat every job as if it was are own home.  There are a lot of differant products on the market today we have researched them and only use the best product and we provide the best service in the buisness. 

Interested in learning more?
​This is a perimeter drain system and a sump pit and pump.  Before and after pictures.
​Is your home showing signs of foundation problems?  Such as,
Cracks in the foundation walls
Cracks in the sheetrock walls or ceilings
Bowing foundation walls
Doors and windows that are sticking
Water leaking in the basement
Fireplace pulling away from the house
Front porch pulling away from the house
Unlevel floors
If you have any of these problem give us a call for a free foundation inspection to home owners.

If you are thinking about buying a home and you would like us to inspect the foundation we will do that for $ 100.00
if you buy the house and we do the repairs we will deduct the $100.00 from the cost of the repairs.
One call will take care of all your foundation repairs and problems.  Just sit back and relax it won't take long.
We are piering this house you can see in the picture on the right the foundation has settled.